Quality, Safety and Reliability Solutions

In the new environment of value-based reimbursement, patient outcomes have a major role in determining reimbursement dollars. Critical to the delivery of premium healthcare is putting processes in place that deliver consistent outcomes and do so in the most efficient way possible. Value-based purchasing and accountable care models will have significant impact on healthcare organizations’ reimbursement levels. In order to succeed in this dynamic and rapidly shifting value-based environment, organizations must have the business intelligence, insights and processes to identify, prioritize and resolve quality and safety risks quickly to improve patient outcomes. 

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Grow a safe culture and meet value-based purchasing head-on

Healthcare Performance Partners Quality, Safety and Reliability Solutions provide healthcare organizations an integrated turn-key methodology for building elements of a highly reliable healthcare organization. 

We work with providers to build a highly reliable organization with a safety culture that responds to errors with systematic process design using Lean and other operational improvement methodologies.

  • Assess current practices and develop plans and work standards for each organizational layer, including executive leadership, mid-level management, front-line management, front-line staff and physicians
  • Provide specific tools for in-depth training on problem solving skills, communication and teamwork training
  • Establish management and leadership systems for entire organizations to easily identify, prioritize and act to solve problems in real time

Products and Services

Value Based Purchasing Calculator Assessment

Forecast your value based purchasing (VBP) performance score over the coming years and estimate with great accuracy any reimbursement bonuses or penalties that may impact your bottom line. We can help your organization to gain valuable insight on where to start improving first.

Safety Culture Development

Develop and continuously improve processes to quickly identify and mitigate any possible errors that may occur. Rather than working around problems, we coach your organization towards building a safe culture to enable and encourage staff to identify problems and develop solutions in real-time to prevent future errors.

Quality Department Engineering

Transform the quality department team from an inspection and audit focus to a proactive team of improvement specialists and coaches while maintaining regulatory and accreditation requirements.  These teams deliver value by preventing issues and helping the organization deliver better and more reliable patient outcomes with high financial returns. We will provide them the Lean and Six Sigma tools and knowledge, including black belt certification, they need to succeed.

Sentinel Event Response

Respond to significant safety events by identifying the root cause of a problem in order to quickly recover and prevent the next event. We help reinforce prevention through continuous improvement tools and training for physicians and staff, including suppliers, other care facilities, patients and families. We can implement a management system and develop skills and leadership standards for executives and front line employees to sustain improvements, setting you on the path to becoming a High Reliability Organization while reducing and eliminating medical errors and readmissions.