Performance Improvement Solutions

Leading sources identify as much as $1.1 trillion in potential waste and inefficiency that can be taken out of the U.S. healthcare system. Core areas of opportunity to eliminate waste include enhanced operational efficiency, clinical and physician alignment and management of care across the continuum. Very few providers have the internal resources and analytic capabilities to fully address the magnitude of current operational and financial challenges.

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Eliminate waste and maximize return, quickly.

Healthcare Performance Partners Performance Improvement Solutions help your organization generate significant gains in patient safety, satisfaction, quality of care and financial savings. 

Our experts have the healthcare industry background to critically assess care delivery and operations in all major departments and services with the appropriate insight, including the operating room, emergency department, pharmacy, nursing units, business office, supply chain and more. Our team of experts help you to achieve specific goals for increased capacity, improving Joint Commission quality measure scores, reduce wait times and increase patient satisfaction scores. Engagements typically generate an average ROI of four-to-one in sustainable savings and improvements in patient safety. Most important, we equip and train staff to forge future success and sustain results.

Products and Services


Gain insight and a detailed understanding of your operational effectiveness with a focus in value from the perspective of all stakeholders. Our focus on improvements fall into four categories: quality and safety, financials, satisfaction and time. Our detailed assessment not only points you in the right direction, but assists you by evaluating an implementation approach that best prepares you for long term sustainability. 

Rapid Process Improvement

Our process and operational improvement solutions are built on a foundation of deep healthcare industry knowledge and consulting expertise to help providers develop a sustainable, performance-based culture. Rather than crunching numbers off-site, you will see us directly observing your workflow to see the truth often hidden behind data and reports. We help you rapidly improve in either a particular service line or value stream, leaving behind the organizational knowledge you need to sustain.