Organizational Development and Learning Solutions

Healthcare organizations are facing complex challenges based on market dynamics, patient population and financial constraints. Regardless of your organization’s size and depth, one of the most daunting tasks facing you is rapidly adjusting your business model and the required change to succeed in the future state of healthcare that is filled with economic and regulatory uncertainty. Engage and equip your organization with the necessary tools and processes to successfully execute strategies and goals. 

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Build internal strengths and capabilities to improve patient satisfaction, employee retention and your ability to continually improve

Healthcare Performance Partners Organizational Development and Learning Solutions help accelerate your organization’s ability to lead and manage change. Our team of experts help you align and lead your change initiatives through our deliberate process improvement framework and methodology. Our services include executive coaching, strategic plan development and seamless deployment within your organization. Our services offer a range of development and training for all levels of your team. We help build internal competencies and long-term sustainability to manage change and organizational problems. 

Products and Services

Training and Workshops

Invest in your team to better leverage strengths and build new capabilities for long term success.  Our services include on-site training sessions, hospital-and system-wide licensing of training content and off-site workshops at the Denver Health Lean Academy, Belmont University or regional affiliates.  Our training and workshops provide exposure to Lean tools and concepts, internal facilitator development and personal mastery of critical leadership skills. 

Change Management

Implement an organizational change strategy to achieve breakthrough improvement.  Our integrated approach addresses both your cultural accelerators and barriers.  We provide a diagnostic approach to the human element of change along with defined processes in which to follow throughout the entire change deployment. We incorporate Lean management system tools such as leadership standard work, gemba walks and visual management to build a foundation for success. Our team of experts help you lead organizational change, identify points of resistance and provides a plan to gain universal buy-in and momentum. 

Strategic Plan Deployment

Build a sustainable model for organization improvement and plan implementation. Our team of experts helps you to implement a framework for successful strategic plan deployment, also known as hoshin kanri.  Through individual and team coaching, together we will produce an organization-wide annual improvement plan, department and area improvement plans, a deployment and communications methodology and a systematic review process that align to your strategic imperatives. We will help you sustain success by automating the development of electronic balanced scorecards for the each level of the organization.