Lean Facility Solutions

Many hospital organizations reflect back to their previous facility move-in or opening day and wonder why little has changed from the previous facility.  Staff is still managing operational fire drills, patient satisfaction hasn’t improved and physicians are still frustrated. If feels like the new facility is haunted by the problems of the old.  With more thoughtful facility design and incorporating Lean thinking from master planning through post occupancy, management can dramatically improve efficiency, space utilization, staff satisfaction and patient outcomes.

Architects looking at hospitals blueprints

Enhance your design and construction project at any point along the design continuum

Whether you are considering a facility addition, expansion, renovation or new construction, Healthcare Performance Partners Lean Facility Solutions is a value-focused series of services that improve the design and operation of healthcare architectural design projects. We add value at any point from master planning through occupancy. We implement Lean principles and tools to create environments that prevent waste from taking root in operational and patient-focused processes. 

Products and Services

Lean-Led Architectural Design

Implement Lean principles to design facilities and processes to improve patient care by eliminating waste, reducing cost and improving quality. Together, we will develop efficient and safe processes for your new facility, train and orient your staff, and provide a lean navigational manual with process maps, operational narratives and standard work for staff. Our team works collaboratively with your employees, the architect and the contractor to define how your hospital should function and how it should be physically laid out.

Lean-Led Master Planning

Deploy a Lean approach to master planning that begins and ends with process in mind – ensuring you have a campus that is flexible for day-to-day needs and readily adaptable for the future. Development of a master plan is the most critical point in the life-cycle of your healthcare campus assets. It is the point in time when the greatest future efficiencies can be established, but it also is when future chronic space and facility problems become entombed. There is no better time to instill Lean design efforts into your master planning process.  

Future State Process Design

Optimize your operations and process even if you have already completed the final design of your facility. Even if it’s too late to influence the design, our team of experts can impact effective operational improvements during late design or construction phases of your project. Together, we will map and develop more efficient ways to do day-to-day work, well ahead of opening day.

Workplace Organization

Using Lean principles, our skilled Lean facilitators will assist your team in organizing the work environment to promote quality and efficiency while eliminating wasted motion and excess inventory. Prior to opening a new facility is the best time to establish visual controls, standardize supply storage and location, replenishment plans, set par levels and shed the unnecessary baggage that tends to accumulate over time.